Joint Replacement Surgery for Athritis of the Great Toe in Fort Wayne, IN

An alternative to fusion of the great toe joint, a Joint replacement allows for motion and reduction in pain from the underlying arthritis, Aboite Podiatry Associates, P.C. has extended experience in using joint replacement surgery on the great toe joint.
X-ray Foot — in Fort Wayne, IN
Our implant of choice has not changed in the many years we have been using joint replacement surgery. The implant had been successfully used since 1952 and has a 38-year clinical study showing 97.4% success rate. It is intended to relieve pain and restore range of motion to the great toe joint. The implant comes in 5-sizes and can be requested in Titanium for those patients with a nickel allergy.
The surgery is done outpatient and takes about 1-hour. Patients will be placed ina surgical shoe during recovery, but unlike with joint fusions, the hemi-implant surgery allows patients to walk on their foot during recovery. Patients are able to transition to a regular athletic shoe in 4-6 weeks here a joint fusion requires staying off the foot during recovery for 8-10 weeks. To stay off the foot during recovery means crutches, a rollabout or wheelchair.
Aboite Podiatry Associates, P.C. has had a great success using joint replacement surgery on the great toe joint. We still do fusions on the great toe joint if the condition warrants it and the patient after being educated on their condition decides they would prefer a joint fusion.
You can read more about the implant and see an illustrated explanation of the surgery at
Stop walking in pain. Ask if joint replacement surgery is right for you.